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Retro kitsch ugly Christmas sweaters


time to get your tacky on with ugly Christmas sweaters
If you like to celebrate your holidays retro-style, why not incorporate one of the finest of kitsch holiday traditions: the ugly Christmas sweater. If it's tacky, lights up, makes noise, or just plain looks like something your Auntie Edna might wear to appear festive -- it qualifies as an ugly Christmas sweater.

It's that time of year: time to get your tacky on with your very favourite ugly Christmas sweater!

Knit your own ugly Christmas sweater

If you know how to knit, it's easy to make an ugly Christmas sweater from a normal sweater knitting pattern by including all your favourite kitsch Christmas elements.

If you are a bit less certain of your creative skills, get a pattern specifically intended as a Christmas sweater. Whether you want glittery snowmen or tacky plaid golfer Santas, with a little time and planning you can make your own ugly Christmas sweater.

elements of an ugly Christmas sweater The essential elements of an ugly Christmas sweater include:

If you are lacking in the crafty skills department however, there is always the option of just buying a pre-made ugly sweater. The local thrift store is certain to have some suitable options as the holiday season approaches.

Need to fake an ugly Christmas sweater?

If the holidays are fast approaching and you can't find just the right ugly Christmas sweater, you can easily fake it. Take a plain white T-shirt or sweatshirt and iron on a tacky Christmas appliqué. Voila! Instant ugly Christmas sweater!

Tip: This is also a great solution when your favourite ugly Christmas sweater "accidentally" gets destroyed in the laundry by well-meaning family members.

Share the ugly Christmas sweater kitsch love

The only thing that is better than being tacky alone is sharing the joy with others. Host an ugly Christmas sweater party where everyone can show off their tacky best. If someone destroys your favourite ugly Christmas sweater, gift them one to share the kitschy joy.

Protect and store your favourite ugly Christmas sweater

Why limit yourself to just one? Have several ugly Christmas sweaters on hand for all your holiday festivities.

When the season is over, make sure that plenty of space is available to store them for next year. Of course, the best way to keep the moths away from your ugly Christmas sweater collection with fine all-natural cedar chips.

Tip: If the moths get your sweaters, you won't have them for next year.

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