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Santa Claus costume ideas for Christmas


Santa Claus costume ideas for Christmas
It's that time of year again! Santa is in demand for every holiday party you might be planning. Why not have your own Santa suit to re-use year after year? It's better than renting a Santa suit.

Even better -- if you sew your own, you can tailor to your exact measurements. No commercial suit will ever fit as well as one handmade to fit you.

Make a Santa Claus costume

For those skilled at sewing, there are several commercial Santa suit patterns available. This makes it easy to sew your own Santa costume in the exact colours and fabrics you choose.

Tip: Remember that Santa doesn't have to be in red and white. Blame Coca-Cola for the red and white Santa design.

For something a little different, make an old-world Santa costume. Use any of these robe patterns for the basic costume. Stitch it up in a rich jewel tone velvet and trim with fur and metallic braid.

If you want anything besides a red and white Santa costume, you're out of luck if you can't sew though.

Accessorize your Santa costume

Once you have a basic Santa costume assembled, it's time to choose just the right accessories to complete the look! Santa would not be Santa without the big belly and boots.

It would also be helpful to wear gloves with your costume to hide your hands. Additionally, an especially authentic Santa look can be achieved with small round glasses.

Santa Claus makeup tips

It's easy enough to throw on a Santa suit, but it's the makeup that really refines the look.

First, if at all possible, you want to have a genuine white beard. No fake beard is ever going to look as good as natural one.

Once you have the Santa beard in place, add a little white makeup to the eyebrows (if they aren't white already). It looks more natural if your eyebrows match your beard. Also, add a bit of rouge to the cheeks to give the appearance of "just come in from the cold". Remember, Santa has the rosiest cheeks!

Santa costume props

Santas are a dime a dozen at Christmas. Do something to stand out in the crowd by selecting appropriate props to carry. Santa always carries his sack of toys for good girls and boys, true, but your Santa might wish to hand out candy canes or other small treats.

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