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Mrs Santa Claus costume ideas for Christmas


Mrs Santa Claus costume ideas for Christmas
If you're planning to have a Santa at your holiday party, why not include the woman behind the big guy? A classic motherly Mrs Claus can help hand out gifts and wrangle children if needed.

For those facing a time crunch, a simple Mrs Claus apron may be all the costume you need!

Make a Mrs Claus costume

For those skilled at sewing, there are several commercial Mrs Claus patterns available. This makes it easy to sew your own Mrs Claus costume in the exact colours and fabrics you choose.

Tip: If you're pressed for time while planing a Christmas party, you can simply go with a Mrs Claus Christmas apron. This will fit over your clothes while giving the appearance of a costume.

Accessorize your Mrs Claus costume

Once you have a basic Mrs Claus costume assembled, it's time to choose just the right accessories to complete the look! The accessories chosen will depend on what style Mrs Claus you are dressing as.

A matronly grandmother Mrs Claus needs her apron, granny glasses, and cookies (she bakes the best Christmas cookies). A more modern stylish Mrs Claus on the other hand might turn out in red high heel boots and elbow gloves.

Mrs Claus makeup tips

Mrs Claus does not need much in the way of makeup since she is naturally beautiful.

A little whitening for the eyebrows would be helpful if you are doing a classic Mrs Claus. Add a little rouge for the cheeks and lips and you're all set.

Tip: Remember not to overdo it. A little goes a long way.

Mrs Claus costume props

Common depictions of Mrs Claus suggest she makes the best Christmas cookies and cakes. Feel free to add appropriate props such as a wooden spoon and mixing bowl to enhance your Mrs Claus costume.

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